Preparing Your Baby for Daylight Saving

From October 1st at 2am, set your clock forward an hour.

It’s that time of the year where the weather gets warmer, and the days get longer.

Follow my guide to help your littlies body clock adjust to the change with ease.

Daylight Saving Action Plan

3 days before daylight saving starts, try moving naptime and bedtime 15 minutes earlier each day. You will also need to wake your littlie 15 minutes earlier in correlation with nap/s and bedtime. This slight adjustment over the next 3 days will help your little one adapt into their new routine effortlessly.

Morning Wake Times

6.45 AM
6.30 AM
6.15 AM
7.00 AM*

Adjusted Bedtimes

6.45 PM
6.30 PM
6.15 PM
7.00 PM*

Gradual changes will help your baby’s circadian rhythm adjust to daylight saving.

  • Adding the changes to their naps, feed and mealtimes will further help with the transition.
  • Use black out blinds to further support your child with the transition.
  • Be consistent with your approach.
  • Make sure your little one is dressed comfortably and appropriately for optimal sleep.
  • If you have missed out on the daylight saving preparation period, don’t worry you can always apply the same method following the week of the time change.
  • If this transition takes a little longer than expected, don’t worry they will get there. Have patience and support your child through this transition.

Are you ready for peace at last and a happy baby and family?

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