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Elle Pollard - Infant Sleep Trainer

How Can I Help You?

Hi – I’m Elle Pollard – a certified infant sleep consultant.

I know exactly what it’s like to have a baby who won’t sleep. As a brand new mum, I was beside myself when my son wouldn’t settle – at all! Aside from the stress of hearing my precious little one constantly cry, I was extremely tired and barely able to get through each day. I also thought I should ‘just know’ how to get my child to sleep and this pressure made things worse — but there is a solution!

I Get What You're Going Through!

I was frantic to find the answers and received lots of well meaning but often conflicting and confusing advice. I heard all of these terms like drowsy but awake, self settle and catnap but wasn’t sure what they meant and how they were relevant to my situation. I really didn’t know where to turn to make things better.

I finally found that the answer was in trusting my mama instinct, understanding my baby’s unique sleep style and being consistent with simple strategies that did not seem so simple at the time.

I’ve done the hard yards so you don’t have to -
Talk to a certified infant sleep consultant today!

As an experienced infant sleep trainer I’m so happy to share my knowledge and create a step-by-step personalised sleep solution so you and your littlie can sleep easy. Offering a range of sleep solutions for newborns, infants, toddlers & children.

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Get Started with a Personalised Sleep Solution for Your Baby or Toddler

Discover how to establish a workable sleep routine for your infant from the get go.

from $340

Confused about your baby’s sleep cues and still wondering when you can expect a predictable sleep pattern? Or bub’s been in a good routine but things are a bit unsettled at the moment and your finding it difficult to get things back on track? This one’s for you.

from $340

Is your child pushing the boundaries with challenging behaviour? Do sleep habits still need a bit of fine tuning to help everyone rest easy? We can help.

from $340

So how does this all work?

1. Complete the form

Complete the form to the right (or below) with your basic details. I’ll then call you for our 15 minute chat. This chat is complimentary and allows you to ask questions and for me to understand your situation, and how I can best help you.

At the end of the chat I will recommend a package for you and your child (or children).

2. You choose a recommended package

One you have checked out the recommend package and made payment you will receive access to our intake form where you can detail everything we need to know about your situation and your child’s sleeping habits.

3. We commence sleep training on your preferred dates.

Once we select suitable dates and times, we commence our infant sleep training program. After observing your little one and discussing your current routines, I build a customised sleep program just for you. You also receive unlimited email support for 10 days, plus a follow up phone call to discuss progress.

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